Peter Sculthorpe’s Requiem


In the continuation of a St John’s Anglican Cathedral concert series exploring the requiem, the Brisbane Chamber Choir presented the 2004 choral setting by the late Australian composer, Peter Sculthorpe.

“…I’ve always loved the Requiem; I’ve loved the plainchant, because I love Latin I’ve always loved the text and I love the structure; it was invented far before the symphony and it’s outlived the symphony really, so a requiem is very special for me.” – Peter Sculthorpe

In a thrilling collaboration, the Brisbane Chamber Choir was joined by cellist Patrick Murphy and the University of Queensland Chamber Singers, to present this celebrated and rarely performed work.

“The way the world is going at the moment, we need all the requiems we can get.” – Peter Sculthorpe, 2004

A rare work and another powerful performance for an appreciative audience.

When:  8.00pm • Saturday • 27 August 2016